Top 5 Real Estate Appraiser Schools

A real estate appraiser looks at past statistics, analyses market trends and predicts future valuations. They do this by looking at pricing trends and historical data.

Real estate appraiser education isn’t mandatory, and there are no specific requirements for that education, with some exceptions regarding state regulation of appraisers.

The professional appraiser is known as a professional appraiser, who analyses the value of a property, assesses whether the purchase price is accurate and determines an estimate for sale price.

The qualifications for being an appraiser are:

  1. A minimum of three years experience in real estate appraisals is needed, of which one year must be with an apprenticeship and two years as licensed or registered appraisers.
  2. The ability to read, understand, and interpret complex legal documents, including property deeds, mortgage agreements, abstracts of title, etc., and apply mathematics laws to solve practical problems.
  3. Knowledge of construction and building materials principles concerning residential properties.
  4. Knowledge of the principles used in estimating costs associated with major

Tips for becoming a real estate appraiser

As an appraiser, you find the value of a property to inform the mortgage providers and negotiate the price of a house with a homeowner.

  • Get your education: The first step to becoming a real estate appraiser is getting an undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, or economics.
  • Get experience: You need to have at least three years of work experience as an accountant or auditor to be eligible for licensing as a real estate appraiser.
  • Pass exams: You then have to pass two exams- one on federal laws and one on state law- before you can be licensed as a real estate appraiser.
  • Take courses: You may also need to take appraisal techniques and proper materials handling courses.
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Appraiser

Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Appraiser

There are many benefits of becoming a real estate appraiser, including the following:

  • You will work with people buying or selling their homes – these are called “customers.”
  • You will feel satisfied knowing that you helped someone else get to their goal of buying or selling their home.
  • You can specialize and increase your earning potential by focusing on one of the following types of properties: Commercial, residential, or agricultural.
  • You always have new opportunities to get ahead within work. There are also a lot of other companies looking for someone to join in, so it’s worth considering contacting them as well.

Top 5 real estate appraiser schools

The following list offers programs that teach students the skills to become real estate appraisers.

  1. the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  2. University of Maryland – College Park
  3. University of Central Florida
  4. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  5. Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

How much does a real estate appraiser cost?

The cost of an appraiser varies depending on their experience and the type of property they are appraising. You can find appraisers with various experiences or specialize in a niche area like healthcare or construction.

The average cost for a real estate appraisal ranges from $250 to $500.

What is the job description of a real estate appraiser?

The individual in this position will be responsible for estimating the value of residential and commercial properties following appraisal standards.


Provide expert opinions on property values

  1. Conduct physical appraisals and prepare reports
  2. Research and produce statistical information to support the appraisal process
  3. Review appraisals prepared by other appraisers, identifying any errors or omissions
  4. Prepare written appraisals and comments to accompany digital residential and commercial property photographs.
  5. Review completed appraisal reports, ensuring accuracy in all respects before releasing them for signature or release to clients or third parties.

What are the different levels of certification for real estate appraisers?

The Appraisal Institute offers three levels of certification for real estate appraisers:

  • Residential Certified Appraiser (RCA)
  • Certified General Appraiser (CGA)
  • Senior Certified General Appraiser (SCGA)

Each level has its requirements, and the higher the level, the more experience and education are required.

What is the difference between an appraisal and a valuation?

An appraisal is a process of estimating the value of the property. An appraiser usually does it by looking at, among other things, the date when you bought it, how much has been invested in improving it, and what its current market value is. A valuation is a process of determining the worth or amount of something. There are many different valuation methods available, like Market Value.

Appraisals are typically done by an expert appraiser, while valuations can be done by someone who knows how to do them. Valuations are more complicated than appraisals because they measure a range of ideas instead of evaluating value. However, both are important for making smart decisions about your valuable items.

How do you become certified as a real estate appraiser?

The best way to become a certified real estate appraiser is by going to college and getting a real estate finance degree. Afterward, you will have to take the USPAP exam, which tests your knowledge of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. To become a licensed appraiser, you will need to complete an apprenticeship with a qualified professional, and you’ll need to stay actively engaged in the field for at least three years.

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What are some of the specializations within the field of the appraisal?

There are several specializations within the field of appraisal. These include, but are not limited to, construction appraisals, commercial appraisals, and residential appraisals.

Contractors typically use construction appraisals to ensure they have the correct materials on-site and complete a project within budget. Banks or other lending institutions use commercial appraisals to determine the value of a business property before issuing a loan. Residential appraisals help homeowners understand their home’s current market value and what it would be worth in today’s market.

How long does it take to get certified as a real estate appraiser?

There are a variety of certifications available to realtors who appraise properties. The most popular ones are the CRA and CGA, which certify residential and general appraisers, respectively. The CRA certification is obtained by taking a course & passing the exam. The CGA certification is obtained by taking a course and passing three exams.

Two organizations offer such certifications. The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) provides courses in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, while the Canadian Association of Real Estate Appraisers (CAIRE) only offers its certification in English.

What is the minimum qualification to become a real estate appraiser?

To be qualified to appraise different property types, an appraiser must first acquire a license in the state they want to work in. For instance, if they want to appraise residential properties, they must get a Residential Appraisers license. To be a licensed appraiser, they must meet the following criteria: a bachelor’s degree in real estate or finance and three years of experience as an appraiser.


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